Fifty years of development track of corrugated production line in my country

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Sep 21,2022

(1) The history of fifty years
my country's corrugated box industry started late in the world, but its development has changed rapidly. The use of corrugated boxes was only promoted in 1954, 40 years later than Japan and more than 60 years later than the United States. And the technical starting point is low. At the beginning, the stand-alone machine in Japan in the 1930s was used. The processes were all connected manually, and there was no assembly line operation. It wasn't until the mid-to-late 1970s that the situation changed.
In 1975, Beijing Carton Factory took the lead in introducing the d3 double-layer corrugated board production line from Uchida & Co. Two-color printing slotting machine and folder gluer from Marumatsu Inc.: In 1983, the prf-2400ah two-color printing slotting machine and semi-automatic needle were imported from Japan from Japan. Since then, Qingdao Carton Factory and Tianjin Foreign Trade Carton Factory have introduced complete sets of corrugated cardboard and carton production equipment from abroad (mainly Japan). During this period, my country also began to manufacture its own corrugated cardboard production lines and some domestic carton production plants successfully used them. . Before 1985, 35 corrugated box production plants had introduced 63 sets of newer corrugated box production equipment, including 19 double-layer corrugated cardboard production lines.
In the 1980s, the old-generation corrugated production enterprises developed during the planned economy period were eroded and replaced by the newly emerging corrugated production enterprises in the market economy, and the competition between substitution and anti-substitution took ten years to basically end. After 1985, the development pace of my country's corrugated box manufacturing industry has accelerated, and after the reform and opening up, it has developed rapidly at an unprecedented scale and speed. According to incomplete statistics, by 1987, the number of automatic corrugated board production lines in my country had soared from 19 in 1984 to 99, of which 76 were imported and 23 were domestically produced, accounting for 70 in economically developed coastal provinces, including Guangdong. The most, up to 31. By 1997, there were about 600 corrugated cardboard production lines in my country, many of which were produced by world-renowned carton equipment manufacturing companies such as Langston in the United States, Mitsubishi in Japan, Agnati in Italy, and bhs in Germany and domestic and foreign (including Hong Kong and Taiwan). ) All kinds of advanced assembly lines produced by other manufacturers. It is the corrugated board production line that represents the level of corrugated productivity, and to measure the modernization level of the corrugated board production line, it depends not only on the number of production lines, but also on the grade and quality of the production line.
my country's national standard gb12070-89 "Medium and Low Speed ​​Corrugated Board Production Line" stipulates the marking method of the corrugated board production line, which consists of the code name "wj" of the corrugated board and the main parameters indicating the performance. The first main parameter is the maximum speed, the second main parameter is the effective width, and the last number represents the number of corrugated boards produced. For example, the maximum speed is 100m/min, the effective width is 1600mm, and the tile line for producing double-flute corrugated cardboard is marked as wj100-1600-2.
(2) Growth rate and excess tile line
my country's cardboard equipment has experienced more than 20 years from the single corrugated machine to the single corrugated unit, and then to the corrugated production line, and has been developing rapidly. A full-scale adjustment. Low-grade corrugators and single-sided units should basically be withdrawn gradually.
China's corrugated board production line has created a historical record, thus entering the period of industrialization of China's corrugated industry. In the next ten years or more, China's corrugated industry will be a period of industrialization promotion. According to incomplete statistics, by 2003, there were 3,000 corrugated board production lines and more than 7,000 single-sided corrugated board machines in the country. There are 1,100 in Guangdong, 1,000 in coastal and Yangtze River Delta regions, and 1,000 in inland areas. There are nearly 20,000 corrugated manufacturers nationwide. In 2004, the number of corrugated production lines in my country has even reached 3500-4000. In 2009, it reached 5,000. One-third of them are old lines from the mid-1980s and early 1990s, which have been used for more than ten to twenty years, and are basically aged and cannot be used. According to the actual needs of the Chinese market, the current production line exceeds 2/3. In the past ten years, the domestic corrugated box machinery industry has developed rapidly. There are more than ten line production plants. The largest corrugated line manufacturer in my country is Hubei Beijing Shan Light Industry Machinery Factory. , Seven cardboard production lines 256. According to statistics, at present, 8% of my country's corrugated cardboard production lines are imported from abroad, 15% from Taiwan, and 77% from domestic production. Among the domestic market shares, Hubei, Beijing and Shan account for 27%, ranking first; Dongguang accounts for 24%. , ranked second. Hubei Beijing Shan's single-sided machine market share reached 37%. Hebei Dongguang mainly targets small and medium-sized enterprises, with a relatively stable share of 20%. The rest of the brand market is relatively scattered, such as; Guangdong Wanlian, Fuli; Capital Machinery Factory; Zhaoqing Xijiang, Jialong Charter Group; Liaoning Dandong Light Machinery Factory, Hebei Handan and other market shares are maintained in single digits. In 2009, because the input tax of purchasing equipment can be deducted, the equipment purchasing ability and purchasing intention of enterprises have increased, and equipment manufacturers are indirect beneficiaries in the process of VAT reform.
The corrugated cardboard (box) production lines of Dongguang Zhongbao and Capital Aerospace Machinery Factory with a width of 1.6m and a speed of 100m/min have been exported to Russia, Indonesia, Thailand and other countries. Zhaoqing Jialong Charter Group also has exports. Sober expert analysis believes that China's tile line has reached its peak, and it is expected that sales will continue to fall in the next three to five years. It shows that my country's tile line has a serious surplus. It is an obstacle to the development of the corrugated industry.
Today, my country's corrugated cardboard production lines and single-sided corrugating machines rank first in the world in terms of installed capacity and growth rate, including the number of specifications and structures, the disparity in technical levels, and the miscellaneous quality levels. At the same time, the number of manufacturing and sales of medium and low-grade corrugated board production lines and single-sided corrugating machines in China has also jumped to the highest in the world. The speed of the corrugated cardboard production line and single-sided corrugating machine is from 20-350 m/min, the width of the door is from 350-2800 mm, the heating method is electric, liquefied gas, heat transfer oil to steam heating, and the structure is from guide claw type, vacuum adsorption. , Vacuum external adsorption to air cushion positive pressure type, operation control from simple electromechanical to fully automatic computer digital control, technical performance from the most simple spring pressure to the world's most advanced (such as bhs, agnati, mitsubishi, etc.) world-class brands There are all kinds of fully computer-controlled air-cushion positive pressure automatic equipment, and high, medium and low grades coexist. As a result, various corrugating rollers of various sizes and various levels of service providers have emerged in operation, forming a mixed situation.
At present, there are generally three types of corrugated cardboard production equipment in my country. One is the traditional stand-alone machine, which is a single production process. Corrugated cardboard is formed through multiple processes such as batching, cutting, splicing, corrugating, laminating, laminating, and drying. This process is widely used in Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai. , Beijing and Tianjin and other developed areas are basically eliminated. The second is the single-sided corrugated unit, which was developed in the late 1980s in my country. It is a great progress to replace the traditional single-machine production of corrugated cardboard. It is suitable for small and medium-sized carton enterprises, and the production efficiency and product quality are improved. Adaptable. With the development of the corrugated board production line, the production efficiency and product quality of the corrugated single-sided unit are one step behind. The third is the corrugated board production line, which is characterized by organically combining various equipment in the entire corrugated board production process to realize automatic and continuous production. The corrugated cardboard produced is flat, low in water content, crisp in shape, good in quality and fast in speed, which provides a good quality assurance for the subsequent process of carton forming. Therefore, my country's corrugated box industry (including equipment manufacturing and equipment and service industries, etc.) has to face and must be familiar with such a complex variety of corrugated box production lines and single-sided corrugating machines and corrugating rollers. Different structures, types and functions and installation, use and maintenance methods.
There are 660 corrugated lines in the United States, 1,500 carton manufacturers, 25 corrugated production enterprises in Japan with 477 corrugated lines, with an annual output of 13.4 billion square meters, and 811 existing corrugated lines in Europe, 735 carton companies with an annual output of 40.5 billion In square meters, they have been relatively reasonable after years of excess investigation.

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At present, there are generally three types of equipment for manufacturing corrugated cardboard and corrugated boxes in my country. One is the traditional stand-alone. It is a corrugating machine that forms corrugated base paper into a corrugated paper. A glue machine that glues the face paper, lining paper, core paper and corrugated corrugated paper to complete the manufacturing process of corrugated board. It is matched with a single machine to manufacture corrugated boxes. The equipment combined with corrugated paper also needs to complete the processes of batching, cutting, printing, splicing, slitting, grooving, corner cutting and forming. The whole single-machine assembly line has many equipment and process links, the product quality is not well controlled, and the consumption is high. The other is a single-sided corrugated paper machine, which first produces single-sided corrugated cardboard, and then processes it through a single-machine glue car to produce different structures and corrugated cardboard. The single-sided corrugated paper machine is a semi-automatic production line composed of a reel bracket, a single-sided corrugated machine and a rotary bracket type paper cutter. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, good product quality and strong adaptability. Another is to use the corrugated cardboard automatic continuous production line to complete. Various equipments organically combine the entire corrugated board production process to make it continuous production. The traditional method of combined production of many single machines not only has high production efficiency and low labor intensity, but also centralized control of operation, which is simple, safe and low in noise; the most important thing is the high quality of corrugated cardboard produced. The corrugated and corrugated shapes are standardized and standardized. The packaging containers produced by this equipment are neat, beautiful and flat. Appearance and physical properties are superior to products produced by single machine or combined single machine linkage line.