Scientific Development of Corrugated Structure and Its Equipment

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Sep 21,2022

(1) From corrugated structure to honeycomb composite structure
Using the scientific principle of corrugated structure to manufacture corrugated boxes, after nearly 150 years of hard work, practice and continuous deepening of packaging experts around the world, the development of corrugated structure has reached the limit, and further development must develop a new world.
After the Americans discovered the honeycomb structure, they invented the aluminum alloy honeycomb panel and applied it to the modern military industry. Then it was converted to civilian use, and honeycomb paperboard was invented, which was processed into honeycomb packaging. In addition, a variety of honeycomb composite materials have been developed, such as corrugated honeycomb composite cardboard. It has opened up a broad market field and created a scientific miracle.
my country's honeycomb paperboard development technology began in the 1980s. The scientific development of corrugated and honeycomb structures has been verified by long-term practice and has created huge wealth for the society. In recent years, people with lofty ideals in the Chinese packaging industry have developed new structures inspired by corrugated structures and honeycomb structures, also known as "tile-in-tile".
China's honeycomb technology was first introduced from abroad by military units and used in military products, and then the military turned to civilians, trial-produced honeycomb composite cardboard, and developed honeycomb product packaging. However, the development is not fast, the company is not large, there are not many products, and there are many difficulties.
(2) Concave-convex structure cardboard production line
The existing corrugated cardboard production line is replaced by rollers, and the concave-convex roller can be replaced to produce multi-layer concave-convex cardboard. The f-type corrugated single-sided machine can also be replaced with a concave-convex roller to become a concave-convex single-sided machine. There has been experience in converting a corrugated single-sided machine to a concave-convex single-sided machine to produce products, and the basic principles are the same. As for the back-end equipment, corrugated and honeycomb back-end equipment can be used in general. The corrugated and concave-convex are on the same production line, and the rollers are interchangeable, which is the world's first.
From a historical point of view, analyzing the "concave-convex" structure is to make full use of the extensibility of the paper material and stretch it through the roller structure. This is a major "breakthrough" in paper forming technology and a great invention. The concave-convex structure is called a new structure after corrugated and honeycomb.
(3) A new generation of low carbon cold setting corrugating machine production line
The invention of "corrugated" by the British was the first wave with a history of more than 100 years; the invention of "honeycomb" by the Americans was the second wave, and it took more than half a century; now the Chinese invented the "cold-setting corrugated production line" , becoming the third wave. But it must be seen: the output of corrugated boxes is on the rise, and the civilization of the enterprise is still in the primary stage of the global modern corrugated industry compared with the modern international level. Therefore, China's corrugated industry needs to study the modern development history of advanced countries, study the development trend of the corrugated industry, take a scientific development path with Chinese characteristics, and the third generation of corrugating machines after corrugating and honeycomb.
In the urban corrugated industry, environmental protection also brings the advantages of equipment and technology for sustainable development. A new type of corrugated board production line came into being, which is the low-carbon cold-setting corrugated board production line. Its series of products include cold-setting corrugated single machine, low-carbon single-wafer production line, and cold-setting corrugated board production line. It realizes the functions of high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, and the Chinese have written a new history of the development of the corrugated industry in the world. The cold-setting stand-alone machine, as the name implies, is to produce single-sided corrugated cardboard without any heating equipment, that is, the main engine of the cardboard production line. The cold-setting stand-alone patent has won the patent gold medal at the Geneva International Patent Achievement Expo. The corrugated packaging industry is a large-scale industry with high energy consumption and large pollution sources. The promotion and application of cold setting technology reduces industrial costs, saves energy consumption, and is environmentally friendly, opening up a "green channel" for the urban corrugated box industry. Further promote the technological progress of the packaging industry.
Low-carbon, energy-saving, water-saving, environmental protection, conducive to building a conservation-oriented society, in line with the packaging circular economy and sustainable development strategies.
The performance of the new generation of cold-setting electromagnetic wave cardboard production line is better than that of microwave cardboard production line, and it can integrate printing, slotting, creasing, and computer tracking and cutting, which can save users millions of manufacturing costs every year.
The low-carbon cold-setting corrugating machine is an existing intellectual property in my country that integrates a number of invention patents, which is the first in the world. It has made new choices and opened up new fields for the development of the global corrugated industry.
The experience of corrugated box modernization in developed countries shows that the development of the carton industry and the development of the carton machinery industry complement each other. For this reason, the manufacturing industry of corrugated box machinery must, from now on, change from quantity to quality, from medium and low grades to medium and high grades. The large and complete, small and scattered industrial structure of the packaging machinery industry must be reorganized, reorganized, Merger and other running-in, improve the grade level of corrugated box machinery. In the next ten years, packaging equipment will develop in the direction of mechatronics, intelligence and automatic control. Focus on the large and wide-ranging complete sets of technical equipment urgently needed in the packaging industry to fill the domestic gap; take microelectronics and computer technology as the forerunner, introduce new technologies, enhance independent development capabilities, promote the combination of mechanical technology and electronic technology, and promote packaging. Equip mechatronics, and then move forward to the intelligentization of packaging machinery.

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At present, there are generally three types of equipment for manufacturing corrugated cardboard and corrugated boxes in my country. One is the traditional stand-alone. It is a corrugating machine that forms corrugated base paper into a corrugated paper. A glue machine that glues the face paper, lining paper, core paper and corrugated corrugated paper to complete the manufacturing process of corrugated board. It is matched with a single machine to manufacture corrugated boxes. The equipment combined with corrugated paper also needs to complete the processes of batching, cutting, printing, splicing, slitting, grooving, corner cutting and forming. The whole single-machine assembly line has many equipment and process links, the product quality is not well controlled, and the consumption is high. The other is a single-sided corrugated paper machine, which first produces single-sided corrugated cardboard, and then processes it through a single-machine glue car to produce different structures and corrugated cardboard. The single-sided corrugated paper machine is a semi-automatic production line composed of a reel bracket, a single-sided corrugated machine and a rotary bracket type paper cutter. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, good product quality and strong adaptability. Another is to use the corrugated cardboard automatic continuous production line to complete. Various equipments organically combine the entire corrugated board production process to make it continuous production. The traditional method of combined production of many single machines not only has high production efficiency and low labor intensity, but also centralized control of operation, which is simple, safe and low in noise; the most important thing is the high quality of corrugated cardboard produced. The corrugated and corrugated shapes are standardized and standardized. The packaging containers produced by this equipment are neat, beautiful and flat. Appearance and physical properties are superior to products produced by single machine or combined single machine linkage line.