Development trend of corrugating machine equipment

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Sep 21,2022

(1) Trend of corrugated board production line
The development direction of my country's corrugated machine equipment is firstly wide-width high-speed complete sets of equipment to meet the needs of market development; secondly, in the production of medium and light corrugated cardboard box equipment, we should pay attention to complete sets, expand the application depth and breadth of computer technology, and focus on improving performance and improved reliability.
Corrugated cardboard production lines of various specifications that are widely used in the current market will continue to be used. The difference is that more automatic control equipment will be added to improve its output and flexibility. Using low grammage base paper, equipped with different flute type automatic switching equipment, automatic paper splicing, and improving the reliability of the machine, these are all to reduce the downtime of the equipment. Machine control systems will also become increasingly advanced, relying on affordable, powerful computer systems. It is more convenient to operate, and can automatically detect system failures and provide solutions.
Machines of various widths will be developed, including ultra-wide tile lines, such as tile lines with a width of 3.5 meters used in large carton factories, and small ones with a width of 1.8~2.5 meters and a production capacity of 250~300 meters per minute. Machines, these small machines tend to cost less, the automation control equipment is simple, the precision is not high, but can be adjusted or upgraded. The shorter the length of this equipment, the better, and the wet end does not need two layers, which can be used in emerging markets or special fields; undertake some special orders, or assist the main tile line to share part of the work; transition from the cardboard factory to the carton factory. One machine; developing countries; cardboard processing plants with more customers; tile line development should focus on; improving cardboard quality; reducing equipment downtime; reducing waste; simplifying operations; increasing production efficiency.
The corrugated production lines of some large enterprises and group enterprises are developing in the direction of high-grade, high-quality and high-level; they are being transferred from domestic equipment to Taiwan-made equipment and imported equipment from abroad. The competition of corrugated production lines will shift from the competition between domestic enterprises to the competition between Taiwan and foreign equipment manufacturers in my country, which is a new development trend of corrugated lines in the future.
(2) Simplified mechanical structure and operation process
Computers, sensors, and new transmission mechanisms have replaced cumbersome electrical control cabinets and drive devices, reducing the number of parts, simplifying the structure, and reducing the volume. The application of microelectronics technology, sensor technology and electronic computer control technology forms a combination of high-tech and traditional technology, improves the structure of packaging machinery, improves work quality, precision, speed and reliability, and also promotes packaging machinery and packaging production line systems Towards intelligent and highly automated development.
The computer will also endow the packaging machine with functions such as automatic monitoring, dynamic detection, fault diagnosis and display, alarm and out-of-control protection, which greatly improves the reliability of the packaging machine. The packaging machine designed with computer control system greatly reduces the operation buttons and handles, and has functions such as program control. Simplify the operation process, easy to learn and use. Conventional packaging machines are mostly driven by asynchronous motors. In fact, they work in many places with light loads, resulting in large energy waste. The computer control system replaces the asynchronous motor with a variable frequency motor, and adjusts the output power of the variable frequency motor at random, which can generally save 40% of energy, thereby improving the efficiency.
my country has been able to produce a&b, e&e, e&b and other corrugated cardboard processing equipment such as three-layer, five-layer and seven-layer corrugated cardboard, with a width of 1.6m~2.5m, the production line speed has been increased to 180m/min, and it can reach 100m when working at a steady speed. /min~120m/min.
(3) Upgrading of corrugated production lines (wide, high-speed, complete sets of equipment)
The development of the corrugated box industry depends to a large extent on the improvement of the level of technical equipment. Corrugated box technical equipment is the foundation and support of the corrugated box industry, and cardboard forming equipment is the key equipment and a symbol of the technical equipment level of carton production enterprises. Developed countries have already eliminated single-machine and single-sided machines, and replaced them with linked production lines, which is also the development direction and inevitable trend of my country's corrugated processing industry. Because of its production operation, first, there are many processes and labor intensity; but the production scale is small and the output is low; third, the quality cannot be guaranteed, which will inevitably lead to low efficiency. Today, the production line is also accelerating the upgrading and upgrading. (1) To develop in the direction of high speed, high efficiency, wide width, low consumption, closed and pollution-free, computer-controlled and multi-functional. (2) The production of parts and components of tile line equipment will develop in the direction of generalization, serialization, standardization and specialization. (3) The wide application of high-tech, corrugated makes the function of the cardboard production line manufacturing equipment more advanced and the reliability further enhanced.
In particular, the increasing number of high-end imported equipment cannot avoid the maintenance, repair and update technology, time and cost, etc., but also accompanied by various practical problems caused by various misunderstandings that inevitably arise. troubled. The continuous search and selection of technically reliable and trustworthy professional supply and maintenance service providers has also become the most important concern of the carton industry.
(4) Application of computer technology in tile line
Computer technology has been applied to the production line to facilitate production management and specification adjustment, and improve the technical level of the entire line. Due to the improvement of the special processing equipment and process level of the corrugated rod, the service life is extended to more than 30 million meters. Although domestic products have made great progress, the gap with foreign advanced technology is still not small. The fastest speed of foreign advanced models has reached 350m/min, and the maximum width has reached 3.3m. In addition, there is also a big gap in the comprehensive indicators such as energy consumption of domestic medium and low speed, medium and light corrugated cardboard production lines.
The design of packaging machinery generally uses simulation design technology; various machine units are stored in the computer in the form of a database, the drawings are digitized and then input into the computer, the computer automatically synthesizes the three-dimensional model, and then the actual production indicators and data, possible failures, etc. are input computer. The three-dimensional computer model can be operated according to the actual working conditions, demonstrating the production capacity, scrap rate, production link matching, where the bottleneck of the production line is, etc., and the model can also be modified according to the user's opinion until the user is satisfied. After the computer simulation technology is adopted, the design cycle of packaging machinery and the development cycle of new products are greatly shortened.

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At present, there are generally three types of equipment for manufacturing corrugated cardboard and corrugated boxes in my country. One is the traditional stand-alone. It is a corrugating machine that forms corrugated base paper into a corrugated paper. A glue machine that glues the face paper, lining paper, core paper and corrugated corrugated paper to complete the manufacturing process of corrugated board. It is matched with a single machine to manufacture corrugated boxes. The equipment combined with corrugated paper also needs to complete the processes of batching, cutting, printing, splicing, slitting, grooving, corner cutting and forming. The whole single-machine assembly line has many equipment and process links, the product quality is not well controlled, and the consumption is high. The other is a single-sided corrugated paper machine, which first produces single-sided corrugated cardboard, and then processes it through a single-machine glue car to produce different structures and corrugated cardboard. The single-sided corrugated paper machine is a semi-automatic production line composed of a reel bracket, a single-sided corrugated machine and a rotary bracket type paper cutter. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, good product quality and strong adaptability. Another is to use the corrugated cardboard automatic continuous production line to complete. Various equipments organically combine the entire corrugated board production process to make it continuous production. The traditional method of combined production of many single machines not only has high production efficiency and low labor intensity, but also centralized control of operation, which is simple, safe and low in noise; the most important thing is the high quality of corrugated cardboard produced. The corrugated and corrugated shapes are standardized and standardized. The packaging containers produced by this equipment are neat, beautiful and flat. Appearance and physical properties are superior to products produced by single machine or combined single machine linkage line.